Product Launch Experience

Oncology Ltd has extensive product launch experience in Oncology having handled eight major product launches.

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Specialist Oncology Support

If you find yourself with limited people resources and have a challenge which would benefit from a new perspective, then we can help.

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We Can Make a Difference

We pride ourselves on our unique thinking, diverse perspective and proven track record in many aspects of oncology healthcare.

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Oncology Ltd Insights

From a Professional Angle

Communicating with people newly diagnosed with cancer

The inspiration for this publication comes from the author’s experiences following a diagnosis of Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma over thirty years ago and the recent long term consequences of his radiation treatment in 1986.

From an Alternative Angle

Understanding Neutropaenia

I’m delighted to announce the availability of my recent publication on iTunes and Amazon Kindle. This fully illustrated book is intended to help children and their parents understand the management of chemotherapy induced neutropaenia. Whilst my booklet is by no means exhaustive on the subject of neutropaenia and its management, I hope it will aid […]


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