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With over 28 years experience in Oncology Healthcare, Bruce spent 7 years in nursing, and then followed this with 21 years in the Pharmaceutical sector – 16 years of which have been marketing- specific roles. From Oncology Marketing and also Sales, to Product Launch experience and Strategic Management Support, Bruce has a wide range of specialist knowledge working for many of the top names in the pharmaceutical industry.

Bruce is a recognised expert in oncology, having also experienced life as a cancer patient himself. Twenty six years ago, he was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, and was subsequently inspired to train as a nurse. His subsequent experience has given him a unique understanding of the physical and psychological impact of cancer on patients.

From early days working as an oncology nurse at The Royal Marsden Hospitals, Bruce eventually moved into Pharmaceutical Oncology Sales and Marketing and has held highly successful roles for Amgen, Bristol-Myers-Squibb, Roche and Pharmion. He has worked closely with the NHS, Private healthcare and various patient support groups. Since May 2008 he has been working as a freelance consultant and has continued to work for major pharmaceutical companies on high profile products in the field of oncology.

Pharmaceutical Employment


Pharmion logo web-siteSales and Marketing Manager UK and Ireland
(September 2006 – May 2008)

  • Existing sales team and issues management
  • Developing marketing activities in the UK and Ireland
  • Sales and Marketing teams re-structuring and expansion
  • Customer relations and company profile development
  • Business plan development
  • Forecasting
  • Promotional spend management
  • Multiple product management
  • Launch preparation Thalidomide PharmionTM and VidazaTM
  • MHRA pre-vetting and 
HTA development (SMC, NI, AWSMG)

Roche logo web-site

Marketing Manager UK
(December 2004 to September 2006)

  • Full marketing responsibility for Roche’s breast cancer product portfolio including; HerceptinTM, XelodaTM, BondronatTM and AvastinTM
  • Building and recruiting full product management resources across the breast cancer 
  • Launching HerceptinTM in the adjuvant breast cancer market (first market in the world to do this)
  • Developed innovative program to ensure optimal HER2 testing throughout the UK.
  • Managing and developing promotional activities behind XelodaTM
  • Re-vitalising BondronatTM performance in a highly competitive market
  • Pre-launch preparation for AvastinTM in breast cancer
  • People management challenges
  • Pan-European re-branding for HerceptinTM
  • Development and launch of ‘R club’ a new customer focused initiative for Roche

BMS logo web-site

Marketing Manager, UK Oncology
(April 2001 to December 2004)

  • Assumed overall responsibility for BMS UK oncology marketing activities which 
included: TaxolTM Ovarian, Breast and Lung cancers, UftoralTM in CRC and EtopophosTM.
  • 4 Direct reports, 3 product Managers and a marketing assistant.
  • Developed and led TaxolTM exclusivity focus group nationally and was part of the 
pan-European core group. Strategic and tactical approaches to maximise revenue 
leading up to (PI threat) and after loss of TaxolTM exclusivity (generic threat)
  • Responsible for the re-branding of TaxolTM decision and project management.
  • Pan-European responsibilities including: Initiation of a pan-European ASCO newsletter, lead responsibility for the pan-European TaxolTM working group for Ovarian cancer, Co-facilitator and contributor on 7 BMS Marketing Excellence courses run for senior and junior marketers across Europe.
  • Within the UK I led a cross therapy focus group developing and integrating Medical Education.
  • A challenging period for BMS oncology, this position afforded me a unique end of life cycle experience with TaxolTM, a major blockbuster oncology product which pioneered many of the innovative marketing initiatives adopted today in the UK. TaxolTM underwent no less than 6 NICE appraisals boasting the title of first technology to undergo a full NICE appraisal.


BMS logo web-site

Market Development Manager – Oncology
(December 1999 to April 2001)

  • Product management and market development through clinical trial initiatives
  • Pan-European launch team member for UftoralTM.
  • Prepared and executed UK launch of UftoralTM (first BMS market in the world to 
launch this product)
  • Product management responsibilities for TaxolTM and EtopophosTM launch preparation.
  • Led 1999 and 2000 Brand plan and 2000 five year strategic plan for TaxolTM.
  • Member of BMS UK NHS / Government task force. (5 people reviewing implications of 
NHS reforms for BMS across all therapy areas and included NICE technology appraisals).
  • 2000 contributed significantly to the successful and first ever full NICE approved 
technology, TaxolTM.


BMS logo web-site

Customer and Market Development Manager – Oncology
(October 1997 to December 1999)

  • A new position within BMS, utilising my clinical and marketing background.
  • Key product management role with dual aspect to develop customer relations and 
create innovative partnership programs for TaxolTM in all licensed indications.
  • Developed and managed UK launch of EtopophosTM in ovarian, lung and testicular cancer.
  • Drove TaxolTM political awareness program. Raising Government awareness of TaxolTM 
data and inconsistencies in funding across the UK.
  • Drove TaxolTM patient support group program aimed at building third party 
endorsement and support for TaxolTM in light of postcode prescribing.
  • Led media and PR programs through agency support for TaxolTM. Achieving National TV exposure on Channels 4 and 5, ITV and BBC Watchdog Health-check, in addition to 
numerous ‘postcode prescribing’ regional activities.
  • TaxolTM grew 106% on 1997 sales finishing the year in 1998 at 112% against target.
  • Developed an RCN / BMS / CRC Nurse communications skills course. Including a role 
as co-facilitator on the courses.
  • Assumed full responsibility for UK participation at ASCO 1999.
  • Drove EONS Patient education program.
  • Wrote and project managed the TaxolTM educational reconstitution video for nurses and pharmacists.


BMS logo web-siteTraining Manager – Oncology
(May 1996 to October 1997)

  • Designed, created and implemented a BMS specific training course for Oncology sales representatives.
  • 11 new members appointed and trained including 2 Managers.
  • 5 Module course over 6 months probationary period covering Cancer, Chemotherapy, 
Ovarian, Breast and Lung Cancer. With innovative field work and projects to encourage early integration and 
continued learning on the job.


Amgen logo web-site

Clinical Support Nurse
(June 1994 to May 1996)

  • Developing and delivering high quality educational presentations on various aspects of cancer 
management for nurses and other healthcare professionals throughout the UK
  • Responsible for the North East territory of the country including Yorkshire and Trent. 
First experience of working in Pharmaceuticals.


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