Communicating with people newly diagnosed with cancer

Bruce Gilligan has recently written and illustrated a 25 page interactive booklet for healthcare professionals caring for patients with cancer, now available on iTunes / iBooks.

The inspiration for this 25 page interactive booklet came from the author’s own experiences following a diagnosis of Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma over thirty years ago and recently following a diagnosed with radiation damage to major arteries resulting from the treatment received in 1986.

His experiences on both occasions and during his time as an oncology nurse working for the NHS has convinced him that healthcare professionals continue to need help and encouragement to ensure the best support is offered to patients during the particularly demanding period immediately following a cancer related diagnosis.

Using cartoon illustrations the booklet attempts to simplify what is a potentially complex area of cancer care and offer the reader a simple practical approach which any healthcare professional could adopt that might help them in understanding their next newly diagnosed patient’s communication and informational needs.

Priced £2.49 this interactive iBooks booklet also includes access to a slide deck for teaching purposes along with accompanying presenter notes for guidance. In addition thirty percent of profits from sales of this booklet will be donated to a UK cancer charity. To purchase your copy from iTunes click here

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