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Neutropaenia is a difficult subject for many healthcare professionals to explain to patients on myelosuppressive treatment, particular when it is children. Whilst the importance of avoiding infection risks is obviously of paramount importance at the same time children and their parents don’t need to be frightened any more than they probably already are.

In an attempt to educate young patients about what neutropaenia is and at the same time help them to understand the importance of managing it, I developed the Neutropaenia poster. I purposely designed it in black and white so that children could choose to colour it in whilst at the same time learning about the risks of neutropaenia and the importance of taking it seriously.

Neutropaenia poster


Whilst much of the advice concerning caring for newly diagnosed cancer patients might seem obvious, even experienced healthcare professionals need a gentle reminder now and then. I developed this poster with aim in mind. The emphasis was on not patronising experienced nurses in particular, so the cartoons and layout were designed to be both eye-catching and informative even for more experienced healthcare professionals.

Caution guidelines


The Royal Marsden Hospital Trust was anxious to educate even senior oncology nurses on some small but important changes they had made to the trusts wound dressing procedures. Similarly to the rational for the ‘caring for newly diagnosed cancer patients’ poster it was important the changes were communicated in an accurate and non-patronising manner. Once again the cartoon format lent itself to doing this in an eye-catching format which the Trust freely displayed throughout both hospital sites. Feed-back on the poster was very positive which I believe contributed significantly to the successful and speedy implementation of a simple update on clinical practice.

Ye Olde wound dressing poster

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